Our global network of storage, processing and logistics infrastructure allows us to efficiently and effectively provide our customers with a range of commodities, specifications and volumes to suit their individual requirements.

We use owned, joint venture and long-term lease assets in strategic locations and have the ability to supply both bulk shipments and containerised product to markets around the world.

Our skilled and dedicated workforce of 14,000 people globally is committed to delivering a high level of customer service.


We have direct relationships with producers in the key export markets. This gives us an intimate understanding of production that starts at the farm level.

We primarily buy from producers and farming cooperatives where possible. This allows us to consistently manage quality, from the farm right through to the customer.


We have strategically located storage assets in key operating regions. These assets provide us with grain assembly and quality control services to ensure we meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Logistics services

Efficient movement of commodities from storage to port and end-users is critical to supply customers with their products in a timely manner. Our management of logistics services allows us to continue to manage the quality and specifications to meet cargo requirements.

We use owned and leased rail assets across our key origination regions to move grain to port terminals and customers. Rail assets allow us to efficiently and flexibly move large volumes of agricultural commodities year round.

In addition, we use trucks where efficient to move commodities to port and end-users.

Process and refine

Our global processing facilities are strategically located in both origin and destination markets. Through our seventeen oilseed crushing plants, twelve processing mills, six biodiesel facilities and one sugarcane milling facility, we produce crude oil, refined oil, biodiesel, glycerine, refined sugar and feed meals.

Port terminals

We have strategically located high-quality port terminal facilities in key origination regions. All products are quality tested by accredited authorities at the point of export to ensure shipments meet each customers’ individual requirements.


Our global shipping fleet allows us to deliver bulk products to our customers efficiently and on time. We consistently have more than 110 vessels under time charter and on average 70 vessels on voyage charter, giving us flexibility in origination, volumes and delivery.

Our dedicated packing and processing facilities in Australia and North America focus on container shipments worldwide. Our facilities pack a range of niche and high value commodities, providing various containerised export options including bulk and bagged, machine dressed and blended.


Our experience in global commodity marketing, together with our network of offices and operations in more than 35 countries, provides us with insight and knowledge across all principal import and export markets.